ABOUT M&S Roofing

We’re a well-established firm that has been operating in Nottingham for decades now. If you need help with anything, we’re on hand to be of service to you. Our roofing service covers just about everything to do with roofs. From roof replacements, to flat roofs, to general repairs, to guttering and more, we can get your roof and home looking great again.

A Company You Can Rely On


We want to be affordable yet also excellent, so this is what we are. Whole roof replacements can be costly and uncalled for. Even garage roof repairs can sometimes be an expensive service but quick to be carried out. Many tradesman might steer you the wrong way but we know that, ultimately, guiding you down the most affordable yet effective route will be the best for you and us. We’ve worked on hundreds and hundreds of roofs by this point and the only standard we work to is excellent.


It can sometimes be stressful having someone around your property. We always aim to be as polite and clean as possible. Your household can function as normal with us around while we’re improving it. Our reviews and testimonials reflect our level of respect for your property and the people we work for.

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